High School

Starting the week of March 30th, all classroom instructional materials will be found in each scholar's AF Google Classroom account. Please make sure you are logged into your Achievement First scholar account to view the materials. If you are having tech trouble, click here for resources and to ask for help.

Your school will directly communicate how and when these materials should be accessed. Please reach out to your scholar’s teacher or school team for more information about daily instruction.

The work packets linked below were intended to support scholars from 3/6 to 3/27.

Click below to select a grade, then click on each course for the work packet and additional resources if needed.* We recommend that you download the files onto your device so that everything loads correctly.

Supplemental Resources:

  • In addition to the work below, you can access these Additional Digital Resources. These resources are optional, but highly valuable in continuing your learning.

*We’ve reorganized materials to ensure that scholars can access them without accidentally creating copies of documents that other scholars can see. The materials on the website are the same as they were before, but it is now organized with a link per individual document instead of one link per subject.


Haga clic abajo para seleccionar un grado, despues haga clic en cada tema para el paquete de trabajo y los recursos adicionales, si es necesario.* Le recomendamos que descargue los archivos en su aparato electronico para que todo cargue correctamente.

Recursos Suplementarios:

*Hemos reorganizado los materiales para garantizar que los estudiantes puedan acceder a ellos sin accidentalmente hacer copias que otros estudiantes tambien pueden ver. Los materiales en el sitio web son los mismos que antes, pero ahora se organizará con un enlace individual por documento en lugar de un enlace por tema.